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  • Canon LC-210L Calculator

    LC-210L The Canon LC-210L Handheld Calculator has a Battery life of 500 hours, with upward folding protective hard cover and light weight modern design. Long Battery Life Battery powered with 500 hours of use (one alkaline battery LR-1130) as well as...

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  • Canon LS-153TS Calculator

    LS-153TS Canon's latest handheld calculator packed with features such as tax and business functions. The LS153TS has a stylish metallic design and protective wallet. Large Display Supports 10 digits with punctuation, making numbers easy to read,...

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  • Canon LS-270VIIB Calculator

    Handheld Calculator Compact and Slim sized, the LS270VII series are easy to use, light weight and easy to carry around Extra Large Tilt Display Supports 12 digits with punctuation, making numbers easy to read, minimising glare and improving viewing...

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  • Canon LS-330H Calculator

    Lightweight solar and battery powered handheld calculator A white background around the LCD of the LS-330H really shows off the large, easy to read numbers. The color-coded keys - blue for numbers and grey for functions - make it a snap to operate...

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  • Canon LSQT Hand Held Calculator

    Features: Dual Powered - battery and solar powered for more use 8 digit extra large liquid crystal display which is a delight to read Modern rounded edges and large coloured rubber keys great for students Memory and percentage functions and a whole lot...

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